Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy with Pink Background

The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of small dog is long-haired black and tan terriers belonging to the group and a native of Britain.

In the XIX century, the ancestors of Yorkshire terrier emerged in the English county namesake. The breed is native to affect Yorkshire and surrounding Manchester.

They met with several other breeds (Broke-haired terrier, disappeared today, Cairn terrier, Maltese …) to achieve the standard in 1898 after his name was adopted in 1886 by the kennel club.

Originally, minor dog was to hunt rats; dog poacher for Earth dog became luxury dog. It was developed in the United States and continental Europe by miniaturizing from 1930. It is now the most popular miniature dog.

Character, skills, education:

 Despite its tiny size, the Yorkshire terrier is a very, lively, affectionate and stubborn dog. Courageous and dominant, it does not hesitate to tackle bigger than him.  Although it is naturally unable to physically stop a burglar, barking make it effective watchdog for alarm.  Because of its strong character, Yorkshire requires a rigorous education to control.

The Yorkshire remains an excellent companion dog and very intelligent.
Its adult size is 20 cm and its weight is around 3.1 kg and up.



Glamour maltese puppy

Maltese belongs to one of the oldest breeds whose origins are controversial.  The ancestors of this dog lived in the ports and maritime cities of central Mediterranean, where they hunted vermin.  Although it owes its name to the island of Malta, there is no evidence that he was born there. It was appreciated by the great of this world and was particularly a favorite of the Royal Court of England at the time of Elizabeth 1.

Character, skills, education:

Maltese dog is a strong and well balanced, completely covered with long silky white hair hanging on each side. It admits a pale ivory complexion, traces of pale orange shade, provided what give the impression of contaminated fish. This dog is living a good player provocative, tender, very quiet, no barking and a lovely companion. They are well beings and educated dog. Its size is 20 to 23cm and its adult weight


Yorkshire terrier puppies

The Morkie is a small dog from the mix of a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier. They can be colored black and tan, blond, tan, white, etc. Their adult’s weight various between 3-5 kg range depending on the size of the parents.
It remains an excellent companion dog.

Character, skills, education

See: Maltese and Yorkie


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